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Due to COVID-19, the workshop will be rescheduled, dates to be announced in January, 2022.

This focused workshop will bring together computational and experimental researchers in a close environment to facilitate collaboration.

The workshop invites submission of abstracts for posters or/and talks. Travel awards are available for students, postdocs and early-career faculty. Priority will be given to participants underrepresented groups.

Keynote Speakers

Linda Petzold, University of California, Santa Barbara

Susanne Rafelski, Allen Institute for Cell Science

Invited Speakers

Kinjal Dasbiswas, University of California, Merced

Adam Engler, University of California, San Diego 

Wendy Liu, University of California, Irvine


Adam MacLean, University of Southern California

Kara McCloskey, University of California, Merced

Chuan Xue, Ohio State University

The Workshop on Cell Fate Determination is organized by Anna Grosberg (UC Irvine) and Suzanne Sindi (UC Merced).

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