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Educational Programs

BioBridge Clinic. Exposing new generations of mathematical scientists to experimental biology is necessary to build research connections across the experiment-theory divide. CMCF hosts BioBridge clinics as a means to provide an accessible entry point for mathematical scientists to learn several experimental tools. Clinics will be both hands-on experiment and didactic, and will provide exposure to the full range of experimental model systems.

Early Career Researcher Symposium. An annual meeting is held for the cohort of Center Junior Researchers, the winning Interdisciplinary Opportunity Award teams, and other invited young researchers to report their research progress, exchange ideas among different center projects, and enhance interactions among young researchers. The symposium hosts panels or presentations on essential skills in cross-disciplinary research, including communication, collaboration, and more.

genPALS (genomics Practical Applications and Learning Seminar). Recently there has been an explosion of genomics data and new bioinformatic methods, largely due to biotechnological advances that have enabled the field as a whole to shift from studying whole tissue samples (bulk) to individual cells or nuclei. The best practices for analyzing this data are not well established, especially when new tools and protocols are constantly being published, ultimately making it challenging for any one individual to keep up with the breakneck pace of this field. Specifically, this group is for the technicians, graduate students, and post-docs that are down in the muck and mire of genomics to discuss new methods and share their personal experiences of genomics tools in their research. We want to know what works as well as what fails, in hopes of supporting each other in our unified pursuit of using data to drive discovery.

Interdisciplinary Opportunity Awards. We believe that efforts to promote research at the interface are particularly fruitful when they have energetic, grassroots engagement from young researchers, optimal seed funding, and a clear time frame so that ambitious projects of transformative potential can be pursued. The center offers several annual Interdisciplinary Opportunity Awards to young researchers (graduate students and postdocs), providing research and travel costs.

MathBioU & Math ExpLR. The MathBioU program offers exciting research opportunities for up to 10 undergraduate students each year to take part in cutting-edge research in a lab at UCI. The MathExpLR program (Mathematical Experience through Learning Research) offers high school students an introduction to real-life science problems through individual summer projects, supervised by an experienced center faculty member at UCI.