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The University of California, Irvine is proud to organize two summer research programs in mathematical biology in 2021, MathBioU for undergraduates and Math ExpLR for High School students. Students will work for 6 weeks from 06/21/2021 to 07/30/2021 in small research teams and give a presentation at the end of the program. In addition, students will attend skill-building workshops that will prepare them to carry out mathematical research, including Matlab programming, mathematical modeling, giving research presentations and writing a research paper.

Given the current pandemic environment, this year’s programs will take place entirely online through Zoom.  They will follow the footsteps of our successful programs carried out in summer of 2020, which were also online and led to many productive projects and fulfilling mentoring activities.  As a consequence of this virtual format, students across the US are welcome to apply.

Most teams for the programs will consist of both undergraduates and High School students working together on a research project.  The 2021 project descriptions are still being finalized and will be posted as soon as they are available.

Program Administration Team:
Program Calendar:



Week 1


10:00am  Welcome

11:00am  Skill development 1 

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  Meet & Greet

01:45pm  Project descriptions

02:00pm  Latex check-in

02:15pm  Break

03:00pm  Meeting with PIs


10:00am  MATLAB, part 1

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  TA meetings

01:30pm  Snack/social break

02:00pm  Math Modeling, part 1

Before Monday of week 2, complete:

  • Literature background (Read articles, record references, summarize known results, write down questions and ideas to explore)
  • Math Modeling HW

Week 2


10:00am  MATLAB, part 2

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  Math Modeling, part 2

02:00pm  Short snack/social break

02:15pm  Guest talk: Qing Nie


10:00am  MATLAB, part 3

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  TA meetings

01:15pm  LaTeX, part 3

02:15pm “Creating the skeleton of the paper” activity, and group planning

Before Monday of week 3, complete:

  • First draft of mid-course report
  • Math Modeling HW
  • LateX HW

Week 3


08:30am  Groups work on mid-course report

10:00am  LaTeX, part 4

11:00am  Skill development 2

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  Guest talks (Jesse Kreger + M. Myers)

02:00pm  “Flash card” activity and group planning


08:30am  Groups work on mid-course report

10:00am  Skill development 3/ LaTeX, part 5

11:15am  Group work

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  TA meetings

01:30pm  Guest talks (Leo Lagunes + Kojo Bonsu)

02:30pm  Social activity

Before M of week 4, complete:

  • Mid-course presentation slides
  • LateX HW
  • Second draft of mid-course report

Week 4


10:00am  Guest talk (Lora Bailey + Remy Vu)

11:15am  Discussion and last-minute talk prep

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  Mid-course presentations


10:00am  Continue mid-course presentations

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  Feedback session

02:00pm  TA meetings


Before Mondy of week 5, complete:

  • Mid-course report

Week 5


10:00am  Groups work on final papers and presentations, group planning

11:00am  Academic careers panel: Axel Almet, Emmanuel Dollinger, Triny Nguyen, Fairlie Reese

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm Information session- applying to grad school/undergrad

01:45pm  2018-2021 MathBioU/MathExpLR Reunion


10:00am  Group work

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  TA meetings

01:30pm  Group work and planning

Before Mondy of week 6, complete:

  • First draft of final report
  • First draft of final presentation slides

Week 6


10:00am  Groups work on final papers and practice final presentations

07/28/2021  DUE: POST-SURVEY

10:00am  Groups work on final papers and practice final presentations

12:00pm  Lunch

01:00pm  TA meetings


FRIDAY, 07/30/2021

10:00am – 12:00pm, 01:00pm – 03:00pm