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Travel Awards

Travel awards are offered to help offset the costs of attending the meeting.

      1. Graduate students who are currently enrolled full-time for a post-graduate degree – M.S. or Ph.D., or
      2. Postdoctoral researchers.
      Email the following materials to CMCF by September 15, 2019:
      1. Use 2019 Symposium Travel Award” for email subject
      2. Name
      3. Affiliation
      4. A brief statement describing why you are applying for a travel award
      5. Nomination letter – may be written by a professor, advisor, mentor, employer, or director of the department.
      The awardees are determined after review of application materials. Priority is given to support gender diversity,
      under-represented minority groups, or those with disabilities. Awardees will be notified of further rules, such as airline
      restrictions, upon offer of award.